I can’t recommend Peter highly enough. He has a wealth of experience in equity release mortgages which he put to good use. He found me a great offer which he chased to make sure the funds were released as soon as possible.

October 2020


We must commend Peter and say that without his relentless pursuit of the completion date we needed, we would have struggled to secure what we wanted, and heartily recommend him to any who seek what we did. Peter was persistent and effective, and he has our very grateful thanks, for all he achieved for us.


Investment Success

It’s easy to be affected by the latest developments in the markets or the economy, manager ratings or the performance of an individual security.

Don’t get caught up in investment “noise”…..investor success is achieved by focusing upon what you can control.

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Vanguard in “The News” – this Sunday Times article about Vanguard's founder, John Bogle, will explain why MaxLyte Financial recommend their funds.

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MaxLyte Financial

MaxLyte Financial Limited are based in the heart of London and are equity release, lifetime mortgage and later life advice specialists. We offer financial advice and assistance in the following areas:


EQUITY RELEASE A highly personal focused service for every aspect of Equity Release

Equity Release Guide

A 2020 Guide To Equity Release

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My Life Book

My Life Book

Download your FREE My Life Book where you can record the details of all your property, possessions, investments and debts, to help your family executors at the end of your life.

There are four fundamental principles that can help you stay on track:

  1. Goals: The investment process begins by setting measurable and attainable investment goals and developing plans for reaching those goals.
  2. Balance: Develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds, limiting exposure to unnecessary risks.
  3. Cost: You can’t control the markets, but you can control how much you pay to invest. MaxLyte charges 1% a year with no up-front fees.
  4. Discipline: Emotion can disrupt the plans of even the most sophisticated investor. Discipline and a long-term view helps you stick to the plan.

Equity Release Calculation


    “The right financial advice can make all the difference”



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