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Charges For Financial Planning?

Peter Maxwell-Lyte

Isn’t It Better To Have No Front-End Charges?

What I am aiming to give as a unique service. In the days of commission, the rule was at least 3% probably much more and an ongoing trial fee. All that will be coming to an end in two years time.

But other many financial advisers still charge a percentage around 3% for initial fees and then 0.5% ongoing. This means in effect that the client will have to wait until their account has made up the 3% before they are back at square one. And if there’s a dip in the market soon after they have made an investment, they have to take in on the chin, so to speak.

Isn’t it better to have no front-end charges, and to pay 1% per annum in monthly instalments in arrears as long as you are happy with the service you are getting? And like the fees charges for the platform and the actual investment as long as they are low? It’s also my belief that by regularly keeping in touch with my clients and telling them how their investments are performing and checking at least annually on their attitude to risk, this is the fairer way of charging.

Happy Clients

To date all of my clients have been happy with both the fees they are paying and the value they are getting from my service.

Ask me to give you more information about what you can actually get! Contact me to find out more today.

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness.

Peter Maxwell-Lyte

Peter Maxwell-Lyte, DipFA

Life Planning Financial Adviser
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