The Need for Cash Flow Modelling Is Even More Relevant Now That Sales Are Really Shooting Up

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Are you happy that your clients’ descendants will never complain that they discovered how equity release works? You need to seriously think about Cash Flow Modelling. I read an article confirming the Equity Release Market continues to expand in leaps and bounds. Between January and June this year, £1.71 billion of wealth was released, which confirms a 37% upward growth of …

HM Treasury

The Treasury Has Confirmed Spouses Will Be Able To Inherit ISAs Without Having To Sell and Reinvest Investments

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H.M. Treasury Last week Chancellor George Osborne announced in his Autumn Statement it will be possible to pass on ISAs to surviving spouses when a saver dies. The changes came into effect immediately, but there was a concern that the rules had not been updated to allow investments held in the ISA to be transferred automatically – known as an in specie transfer …