Housing Wealth To Fill The Gap Left By Inadequate Pension Income

Wealth Accumulated Via Mortgage Repayments Reaches A Record £62.7 Billion In 2016 As UK Faces A Retirement Income Crisis

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Wealth amassed by homeowners via mortgage capital repayments increased by 54% from £40.7 billion in 2005 to a record £62.7 billion in 2016. Wealth accumulated by UK homeowners through mortgage repayments has rocketed in the past decade to a record £62.7 billion in 2016 – paving the way for housing wealth to play a vital role in funding later life …


The Average Working Life Isn’t Long Enough To Pay For A House!

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Have we reached the point where the average working life isn’t long enough for us to buy a home? That’s the picture emerging from another week in which there was another raft of data about incomes, savings, mortgages – and house prices. At one end of the lifespan are older home owners stuck with mortgages, inadequate pensions and looming care bills. They’re …