Keep Getting Your Investments Right


This is built around our Investment Proposition where we have put together a range of funds that will exactly match your attitude to Risk and this means precisely how much loss you can bare! In fact, I view this as the most important aspect to keep getting it right.

When the Retail Distribution Review came into force on January 1st 2013. MaxLyte Financial had already designed their Investment Proposal and it had been operating for many years. We were ahead of the curve. Our clients discovered our “No Upfront Charge” several years ago.  This means your investments will have NO UPFRONT ADVICE FEES charged prior to the purchase of our selected low charge funds where your total costs are highly competitive.

We realise that we have to be competitive so that you will want to investigate exactly what we are offering you.

  • We have selected a platform for your investments with very low charges and the Total Expense Ratio charges of some OIEC funds are currently 0.22%.
  • We offer you Cash Flow Modelling and our unique Life Planning process.
  • We pride ourselves on being exactly what you want and have been described as being “Special and Different”.
  • We help you get want you want from your money and with total clarity.

We believe that Life Planning when combined with Equity Release – makes Equity Release even more appealing.

Download the Client Agreement Document HERE.

MaxLyte Financial is a member of The Equity Release Council.